Consequences of Drug Addiction

  1. 3Addiction:

This is without doubt one of the major disorders that are caused by drugs. We can say that this is the engine that promotes the habit of excessive consumption of substances, it is for this reason that addiction is considered a disease, because seriously affects the consumer.

  1. The withdrawal syndrome:

We know that the regular or frequent consumption of drugs brings with it the syndrome of abstinence, at this stage we will be able to find all the factors that are related to the physical and psychological reactions that lead to the not intake of these substances. This stage can be defined as a disease, but if it can be defined as an agent that alters the state of health of the person, obviously depending on the type of drug consumed or used to consume. The symptoms of withdrawal vary and among them we find the following: decay, episodes of depression, nervousness, anxiety, progressive loss of control of the emotions, paranoia, anxiety. Etc.

  1. Progressive deterioration of the central nervous system:

The central nervous system is the one that directs the functions of all the tissues of the human body, it receives thousands of sensory responses that are transmitted to the brain by means of the spinal cord. Thus it is that all chemical stimulation can produce terrible varieties of effects on the activity and function of the central nervous system.

In very serious cases of drug addiction this can become irreversible, and among these problems are the following:

  • coordination problems.
  • Loss of language.
  • Sensory perceptions.

It is for this reason that we invite you to be part of the community, so you can get a professional solution to the problem of addiction to which you are facing at the moment. Do not let the time pass and your life to go away with him, remember that time is precious and once you get going you can’t go back to recover.

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