auto racing was banned and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

During World War II, auto racing was banned and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway fell into disrepair. In 1945, Anton “Tony” Hulman, a multimillionaire businessman from Terre Haute, bought the dilapidated property in a deal with three time Indy 500 winner, Wilbur Shaw who became president and general manager. They resurrected it as a premier racing facility.

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(Rick MacWilliam/EDMONTON JOURNAL)As the long homestand wound down, the Edmonton Oilers came up with by far their most complete effort of their six game set. They outshot and outchanced the Colorado Avalanche in all three periods and outscored them in the first two before cruising to the finish line with their 4 1 lead never in danger. They won both the even strength and the special teams portions of the game, scored first and second, and when the Avs briefly made a game of it, the Oilers jumped right back on the horse with two more goals of type Then they spent the third period skating their tired foes right into the ice..

Google has teamed up with Wal Mart and several other major retail partners to sell the company’s Chromebook laptops at their stores. The Mountain View, Calif., tech giant said Chromebook laptops will now be sold at more than 6,600 stores, or three times as many stores as before. Wal Mart began selling the Acer C7 $199 Chromebook at 2,800 of its stores Monday.

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